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Not ready to start writing yet but want to know more? Send us a note! 

Sweet Chaos Theater Project brings artists and community-based organizations together in an effort to support families in need and connect people together across a community. For this summer’s inaugural Traverse City Sweet Chaos Production, we are seeking submissions from Traverse City residents who have stories they want to share about their family.  Proceeds from the performance will fund The HELPLINK® Laundry Project, which provides weekly laundry events at two different locations during the school year where people experiencing poverty and/or homelessness do their laundry at no cost.


You do not need to be an actor, a writer, an artist of any kind. You just need to have a great story to tell. It can be funny, outrageous, embarrassing, or shocking. It can be devastating, or heartbreaking.  It can be sweet, poignant, or touching. It can be an “old family story” that has been passed down and means a great deal to your family. Or, it can be something you’ve never told before.


But it must be a true story. And it must mean something to you. 


2 guidelines

  1. It must take no longer than 5 minutes to read it aloud


  1. There must be dialogue in it.  Find at least one place to put it in, or recreate what was said, if you don’t often tell it with people speaking.


For people who are interested in telling and performing their story in a live performance on July 13, 2018 at the Dirty Laundry Monologues Fundraiser, submit your piece to (don’t forget the L between the first and last names!)


There will be a callback date for submissions we would like to see read/performed aloud in late June or early July. Date, time, and place TBD.



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Telephone: 231-946-6278